Tell Kamid el-Loz is situated in the homonymous village of Kamid el-Loz. Located in the fertile highlands of the Beqa’a plain, at 950m above sea level, the site is flanked by the Lebanon mountains on the west and by the Anti-Lebanon Mountains and Mount Hermon on the east.

Excavations at Kamid el-Loz started in 1997 under the direction of Prof. Dr. Marlies Heinz (Freiburg – Germany).

In 2010, a summary of our excavation report was published in the journal Bulletin d’Archéologie et d’Architecture Libanaises (BAAL H.S. VII, 2010). (online:

Since 2012, due to the political situation in the region, we have interrupted our on-site excavations in Kamid el-Loz. Although our work at the site stopped, our research activities continue. Without delay, in 2012, work on a new book project began. The aim of the book is to provide up-to-date information on the excavation for both an interested, general reader and a specialized public.

Published in 2016: „Marlies Heinz, Kamid el-Loz. 4000 Years and More of Rural and Urban Life in the Lebanese Beqa‘a Plain. Archaeology and History in the Lebanon (AHL). Special Issue. The Lebanese British Friends of the National Museum. Beirut. (online:

During the course of our work at Kamid el-Loz, team members repeatedly enquired on the possibility of permanently recording our joint work on site, in the form of a picture and text documentation that would be accessible to the public and the Kamid el-Loz community.

In 2017, the opportunity arose to transform this consideration into a real poster exhibition. Thanks to the support of the German Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, we received financial support for our idea by the German Foreign Office, Berlin, Germany. The mayor’s office in Kamid el-Loz made available a house located directly at the edge of the tell, thus visually close to the excavation itself. This has ensured that the archaeological site and the exhibition remain two connected entities, accessible to the public.

The exhibition’s goal is to reach a diverse audience as well as the local community, whose expectations we hope to meet. 

The exhibition includes information on:

  • What we, the archaeologists together with the local assistants from the village, have excavated over the years to showcase our jointly developed results;
  • What we have discussed over the years with all the excavation local assistants and their family members, and with our neighbors from the village;
  • What we have discussed with the Kamid el-Loz community, including the family members of our Kamid el-Loz employees, who live abroad but still maintain close contact with their relatives. This audience has developed a very specific homeland connection to Kamid el-Loz from afar and can be placed among the potential visitors to the exhibition. 

At the same time, the exhibition also provides a scientific perspective for those with more comprehensive knowledge of the history and archaeology of the ancient Near East.

In times of the Corona pandemic (2019/2020/20??), trips to Lebanon and Kamid el-Loz are hardly possible. This homepage is thus meant to serve as a small substitute for the poster exhibition, which cannot be visited directly at the moment.

My sincere thanks go to all the entities and individuals that made the poster exhibition possible:
The German Embassy in Beirut / Lebanon
Hans-Peter Hofman / Cultural Attaché / German Embassy in Beirut / Lebanon
The German Foreign Office, Berlin / Germany
The mayor’s office in Kamid el-Loz / Lebanon

Dr. Antonietta Catanzariti / Washington D.C. / USA / English translation
Nida Jtawi, M.A. / Amman / Jordan / Arabic translation
Joumana Nakhlé / Beirut / Lebanon / Arabic and French translation

Rami Yassine / Beirut / Lebanon / Graphic designer
Michael Leicht / Freiburg / Germany / Graphic artist

For tireless support on site in all matters:
Ahmed Anka / Kamid el-Loz / Lebanon
Isa Saad / Kamid el-Loz / Lebanon
Bassam Taha / Kamid el-Loz / Lebanon

For the organization and coordination of all the logistics matters:
Hassan Yahya / Beirut – Kamid el-Loz / Lebanon

Our poster exhibition would not have been possible without the welcoming support given to the team conducting excavation work at Kamid el-Loz:

I thank:
The Directorate General of Antiquities, Beirut / Lebanon for granting the excavation license and for the many years of helpful support for our work on site.

For financial support,
the German Research Society / Bonn / Germany,
the Henkel Foundation / Düsseldorf / Germany
the Albert Ludwigs-University / Freiburg / Germany

On-site excavation work is only possible when a good team comes together:
I thank the staff from Kamid el-Loz as well as those from many European and non-European countries for many years of creative collaboration.

I would like to give my special thanks, on behalf of all, to: Hussein Sati, Ali Aswad, Aiman Bohamia, Taisir Taha, Isa Saad, Ahmed Anka from Kamid el-Loz / Lebanon

Dr. Antonietta Catanzariti / Washington D.C. / USA for the ceramics research;
Lisa Kirsch, MA / Berlin / Germany for the technical organization of the excavation;
Christian Krug / Berlin / Germany – photographer;
Michael Leicht / Freiburg / Germany for the organization of the entire office services and the drawing documentation.

And, last but not least, my deepest gratitude goes to all the neighbors and residents of the village who always gave the team a warm welcome, and our friend and cook Lozika Sati, whose constant care is unforgettable! My sincere thanks for all the kindhearted cooperation, which has made our excavations in Kamid el-Loz a very happy undertaking.

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